1.Disc piezoelectric ceramic

Disk piezoelectric ceramic

Appliance: Piezo transducer vibration, atomizer transducer, matter dispersion, sonar transducer, Ultrasonic Sensor, wall thickness sensor, material stress sensor, pressure sensor,piezo electricity harvesting, fish finder transducer, compression sensor, piezo expansion sensor, biomedical probe ,beauty transducer and so on.

2.Ring piezoelectric ceramic

Ring piezoelectric ceramic

Appliance: ultrasonic cleaning transducer, welding transducer,Bolt-clamped ultrasonic transducer, Ultrasonic Sensor, Vibration Sensor, Pressure, sensor, Vibration generation, Biodiesel mixing transducer, Piezo expansion sensor, compression sensor, Piezo Welding, Tonpilz and so on


3.Square/ Rectangular Piezoelectric Ceramic

Piezoelectric Ceramic

Applications: medical B ultrasonic equipment, Vibration Sensor, Material stress sensor, Pressure sensor, Energy/Electricity harvesting, compression sensor and others.


4.Tube Piezoelectric Ceramic

Tube Piezoelectric Ceramic


Applications: acoustics ,liquid transmission medium, underwater speaker, sonobuoy, underwater , passive sonar array, torpedo, oil well detector, oil well dredge , ultrasonic pipe eliminating dirt, gas transmission medium,


5.Cylinder Piezoelectric ceramic


Cylinder Piezoelectric ceramic


Applications :vibration, matter dispersion, biomedical sonar, Hydrophone and so on.


6.Ball/ Hemisphere Piezoelectric Ceramic


Ball/ Hemisphere Piezoelectric Ceramic


Appliance : ultrasonic detect.treatment kunb, eliminate thrombus as the strong sound press source and so on.